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Tintu Luka Family Background, Father and Mother Name, Biography

Tintu Luka Family Background, Father and Mother Name, Biography is mentioned here. If you are looking for the best female athlete in India, than let me tell you about the versatile athlete player Tintu Luka. She is one of the best Indian track and field athletes, who represent her country in the world. She is one of the most talented athletes, who hold the National record in the women’s 800meters race. Beside this she also holds number of awards including gold, silver and bronze awards for her significant performance. She also has rewarded with 2nd highest civilian award Arjuna award by government of India. This versatile athlete belongs to a middle class family so it was not easy for her to step into professional sports. She faced many hurdle but she never loss hope and became one of the fastest runner in the history of India. In this article you will learn about the most talented athlete Tintu Luka, about her family background, father and mother name.

Tintu Luka Family Background, Father and Mother Name, Biography

Tintu Luka Family:

Tintu Luka belongs to a middle class family in the small village of Valathode in Kerala India.  She is the daughter of Lukka and lissy. Tintu also has a sister named as Angel Lukka. Her family is simple traditional family, who stays together and always helps each other in the hour of need.  This versatile player has received notable support from her family to make her career as a international athlete.

Tintu Luka Family Background, and Mother Name, Biography

Tintu Luka Father:

Tintu was born to Mr. Lukka, who is working as a mason in gulf countries to support his family. She is very close to her father, because he always stands with her daughter and sort out their problems. She loves her father a lot.

Tintu Luka Mother:

Tintu Luka loves her mother Lissy Luka A lot. Lissy is a former long jump state champion. She is not only a good jumper but also a great mother. Lissy took good care of her daughters in the absence of their father. She teaches her daughter to be strong and face the problem instead of running from the problem.

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