Elli Avram Family Photos, Husband, Age, Upcoming Movies

Elisabet Avramidou Granlund is a well known actress in bollywood film industry, who is prominent due to her nick name Elli Avram. She is from Swedish Greek background and currently residing in Mumbai India. This versatile actress stepped into acting industry through a Swedish film Forbjuden Frukt As Slelen in 2008. In this movie she played the lead role of the film and received positive reviews from her fans. After this she moved to India and joins Pardesi Dance Group at the age of 18 years and worked in number of bollywood songs. After this she started working as a model until she received offer for Mickey Virus from well known director Saurabh Varma. She accepted that offer and became popular. Elli was recently seen in Kis Kiski pyaar Karoon in 2015. After reading this article you will come to know about the Elli Avram, about her family, husband, age and upcoming movies in bollywood film industry, which is listed below in this article.

Elli Avram Family Photos, Husband, Age, Upcoming Movies

Elli Avram Family:

This versatile actress was born into a well known Swedish Greek family. She is the daughter of Mr. Jannis Avramidis and his beloved spouse Maria Granlund. Maria is also a well known actress who encouraged her daughter to join acting industry. Elli also has a brother named as Kontantin Avramidis. Her family has made great efforts in her career development that is why she always credits her family for her success.

Elli Avram Family Photos, Husband, Upcoming Movies

Elli Avram Husband:

She is currently unmarried as well as she also not declared her relationship with anyone. But according to rumors we came across that she is going to tie the knot in next year. We are trying our best to access her soul mate. As we will come to know about her boyfriend or husband, we will update it here soon.

Elli Avram Age:

She is currently 26th year old and going to celebrate her 27th birthday in 2023. She has been celebrating her birthday on 29th July since 1990 with her family and friends.

Elli Avram Upcoming Movies:

She is receiving number of offers from film industry but she has not signed even a single upcoming film. She is waiting for the perfect film. As she will sign any new upcoming movie, we will update it here as soon as possible.


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