Sachin Pilgaonkar Family Photo, Wife, Daughter, Age, Biography

Sachin Pilgaonkar Family Photo, Wife, Daughter, Age, Biography is written here. If you are looking for the one of the versatile actors in India than let me tell you about one of the best actor Sachin Pilgaonkar. Sachin is one of the best Indian actors who has also worked as a director and producer. He also sang a number of songs for many hit films in Indian film industry. He made his career debut through a Marathi film as a child actor and became popular with in short time. Besides this he is also ruling on the television screen due to his direction skills, as he directed numerous comedy shows in Indian television. Sachin is a multi talented actor who is also popular in Marathi film industry due to his contribution in the Marathi film industry. In this article you can learn about the Marathi director Sachin and his family background.

Sachin Pilgaonkar Family Photo, Wife, Daughter, Age, Biography

Sachin Pilgaonkar Family:

Sachin was born and brought up in Mumbai. He belongs to a well known Marathi family in India. Sachin’s father Sharad Pilgaonkar had his owns printing press company in Mumbai, which was rained due to flood. After this his family suffered from very difficult situation but they never lose hope and did their best for Sachin’s future.

Sachin Pilgaonkar Family Photo, Wife, Daughter, Biography

Sachin Pilgaonkar Wife:

Sachin Pilgaonkar has been enjoying his married life. He married to a well known actress Supriya Pilgaonkar and very happy to have a wife like her. This beautiful couple met for the firt time during the shoot of a Marathi film and fall in love. After some years of their relationship they realized that they are meant for each other and tied the knot in 1985.

Sachin Pilgaonkar Family Photo, Wife, Age, Biography

Sachin Pilgaonkar Daughter:

Sachin Pilgaonkar has only a daughter named as Shriya Pilgaonkar from his beloved wife. Shriya is also a well known actress, director and producer in India. She follows the footsteps of her beloved father. Her father has played an essential role in her career debut.

Sachin Pilgaonkar Family Photo, Daughter, Age, Biography

Sachin Pilgaonkar Age:

Sachin Pilgaonkar was born on 17 August 1957. This versatile actor and director has enjoyed 59 years till 2016.

Cherished Family Moments Captured

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