Sunil Shetty Family Photos, Father, Wife, Daughter, Son, Age, Biography

Sunil Shetty has been ruling over hearts of Indian film fans due to his noteworthy acting. He is not only a good actor but also a well known producer, and businessman too. He has worked in more than 110 films and gathered many awards like Stardust Search light award for best actor and many other national awards. His film journey started from 1992 when he first time appeared in a film Balwaan. After his first film, he worked in numerous super hits films. Currently he is working for upcoming film Hera Peri 3 which is schedule to release soon in 2017. He has also produced many super hit films like Bhagam Bhag, Mission Istaanbul and many others. After reading this article you will come to know about the well known actor Sunil Shetty, about his family photos, father, wife, daughter, son, age and biography.

Sunil Shetty Family Photos, Father, Wife, Daughter, Son, Age, Biography

Sunil Shetty Family Member Name and Relationship:

  • Father: Veerapa Shetty
  • Sister: Sujata Shetty
  • Wife: Mana Shetty
  • Son: Aahan Shetty
  • Daughter: Athiya Shetty

Sunil Shetty Family:

He hails from a family of Mulki Mangalore Karnataka India. Sunil was the youngest child of his parents and has an elder sister named as Sujata Shetty. His entire family is strict follower of Hinduism. It is due to his family support that today he stands in the list of top actors in India.

Sunil Shetty Family Photos, Father, Wife, Daughter, Son, Biography

Sunil Shetty Father:

He is the son of Mr. Veerapa Shetty and his beloved wife. His father has died and he always misses the empty space of his beloved father in his life.

Sunil Shetty Wife:

He married to well known businesswoman Mana Shetty in 1991. The couple has great love and attention with each other and considers each other as perfect soul mates. He loves his wife because she always stands with him.

Sunil Shetty Family Photos, Father, Wife, Daughter, Age, Biography

Sunil Shetty Son and Daughter:

He has two beloved kids, a son Aahan Shetty and a daughter Athiya Shetty with his beloved wife Mana Shetty. Both his son and daughter are rising actors who are following the footsteps of their beloved father in acting industry.

Sunil Shetty Family Photos, Father, Daughter, Son, Age, Biography

Sunil Shetty Age:

Sunil was born on 11th August in 1961. He is going to step into his 56th year of age in 2017.

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