Top Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup Pictures

Bollywood is the place of stunning beauties. There is large number of charming and hottest actress present in this film industry, who are ruling over hears of their fans with their elegant style and attractive looks. It is very hard to decide that which actress has real beauty and which one is hiding her real face behind the makeup. Everyone in India wants to see their silver screen stars without makeup. Most of the actresses are not as beautiful as they look on screen. There are hiding their face behind the heavy makeup, which makes them more beautiful and attractive. You will be wonder after seeing the real face of your favorite actresses without makeup. But there is also some actresses present in India, who have natural beauty and looks prettier without makeup. If you are also looking for the Top bollywood actresses without makeup pictures, than you are at right place. Please scroll down for without makeup pictures of bollywood actress.

Top Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup Pictures

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan:

Aishwarya Rai is one of the most beautiful actresses in Bollywood film industry. There is no doubt that she has real and natural beauty but now she is growing older day by day and age sign can easily check on her without makeup face. She has wrinkled, dark brown chubby face, which she hides with heavy makeup. She has also done surgery to hide her age signs.

Top Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup Pictures, Aishwarya rai

Bipasha Basu:

You will wonder to see her without makeup picture. She has literally small eyes and dark brown face. Moreover she also uses hair extensions to look gorgeous on screen.  One can’t identify this hottest actress without make up.

Top Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup Pictures, Bipasha Basu

Kareena Kapoor:

She is the hottest actress present in bollywood film industry but her hotness is only due to her makeup artist. She is not as good looking as on screen. This stunning actress has faded tone face and has dark circles. Moreover she also has twitched cheeks.

Top Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup Pictures, Kareena Kappor

Deepika Padukone:

This stunning girl is one of the hottest actresses with attractive dimples on her face. She is famous to use minimal makeup. Deepika has dark brown chubby face in real. She looks totally different without makeup and it is hard to recognize her without make up.

Top Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup Pictures, Deepika Padukone

Anushka Sharma:

She has the real and natural beauty. She looks similar with makeup and without makeup. Anushka Sharma only use light makeup according to the role in the film otherwise this stunning actress doesn’t need makeup at all.

Top Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup Pictures, Anushka Sharma

These are the pictures of top bollywood actresses without makeup. Most of them look uglier without make but most of them have natural beauty and looks same with or without make up. For more information, please stay tuned with us.

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