Babita Kumari Family Photos, Father, Mother, Sisters, Biography

Babita Kumari Family Photos, Father, Mother, Sisters, Biography is listed here. If you are a huge fan of female wrestling, than you must familiar with the versatile female wrestler Babita Kumari. She is one of the best female wrestlers in the world, who has achieved notable fame not only for her but also for her country. She is the most talented girl in the history of India and one of those few girls who has introduced female wrestling in India. Babita started playing professionally through a tournament in Jalandhar Punjab, where she won a gold medal. After this she represented her country in the number of international events and won numerous awards including gold, silver and bronze medals for her country. This versatile player was born on 20 November 1989 and going to celebrate her 27th birthday in 2016. In this article I’m providing you to the complete biography of Babita Kumari.

Babita Kumari Family Photos, Father, Mother, Sisters, Biography

Babita Kumari Family:

Babita Kumari belongs to a well known wrestler family in India. She was born and brought in an environment where wrestling is everything, so she also decides to play wrestling. Her father is a well known former wrestler and current wrestler trainer, who run his own akhara in Haryana. She also has 3 sisters. Babita loves her family and always wants to stay with them. Her sister Geeta and Cousin Vinesh Kumari are also one of the best wrestlers and gold medalists.

Babita Kumari, Family Background, Father

Babita Kumari Father:

Babita Kumari was born to a well known former wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat. Mahavir is not only a good wrestler but also a great wrestling trainer, who has trained her all daughters. This versatile player loves her father because he is the nice father, who always sacrifices his happiness for his daughters.

Babita Kumari Sisters:

Babita Kumari is the younger sister of versatile wrestler Geeta Phogat. She also has two other sisters named as Sangeeta Phogat and Ritu Phogat, they are also trying their luck in international wrestling.

Babita Kumari Family Photos, Mother, Sisters, Biography

Babita Kumari Mother:

Babita loves her mother Daya Kour a lot. Daya is a house wife, who took good care of her daughters, and always tells them to never loss hope. Babita is very close to her beloved mother. She always shares her credits with her mother.

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