Best Apps for Designing Attractive Thumbnails

Videos are the most in-demand content types these days. People prefer watching videos over reading long blogs and listening to podcasts. The reason behind it is the ability of videos to combine all other forms of content in one place. This effective combination of various types of content allows users to consume, process, and memorize featured information far more swiftly. Hence, you witness a vast range of videos available on various platforms, including social media and streaming sites.

While videos are the most engaged type of online content, content creators still need something to grab users’ attention and urge them to watch videos. Netizens don’t simply start watching every video they come across. They want to know what they can expect from the video and how it will benefit them. Just like blogs need a catchy title to attract readers, videos need compelling thumbnails to gain views. The chances of people coming to watch a video without an attractive thumbnail are pretty limited. 

Thumbnails can compel the audience to watch videos, reflect a professional look of the channel or account publishing a video and make videos visible in the web search. 

However, some people think that articulating attractive thumbnails is tricky. They need to learn complicated design tools to create one. 

However, this is not the case. Attractive thumbnails can be created using highly efficient smartphone apps. 

We have discussed a few of the best thumbnail maker apps in this article.

Further details about these apps are given below:

Thumbnail Maker – Channel Art

This app by CA Publishing can be a rescue for people who think designing attractive thumbnails, channel art, banners, and cover graphics for various platforms is an uphill task. It is specifically designed to help content creators who keep worrying about graphics capable of grabbing the target audience’s attention. 

This thumbnail and channel art maker app is easy because of its super-friendly interface. All you have to do is connect your smartphone to the internet and open the app. Browse the collection of templates and modify them to get a bespoke product. You will get multiple modification options like a collage feature, a typography selection, and a wide range of stickers to design a compelling customized thumbnail for your video.


You must have heard a lot about Canva lately. This app has emerged as a go-to option for many people who don’t have the method to use complicated graphic designing tools. It allows them to pick various free and premium templates and customize them to generate bespoke graphics for various purposes. Like many other purposes, it also allows users to design catchy thumbnails for videos. 

You will find a vast range of thumbnails categorized according to the type of videos. You can choose the appropriate category and look for a suitable option for your requirements. 

Simply select the template that fits your requirement and start editing it. This app offers various editing features and modification options to help you make mesmerizing thumbnails for your videos. It also lets you use your favorite fonts and desired color scheme to ensure customized thumbnails. 

Ultimate Thumbnail Maker

Another highly efficient app that earns its spot in our list of best thumbnail maker apps is available on the play store with the name Ultimate Thumbnail Maker. This app helps you design compelling thumbnails for your videos. It can be a proper tool to help you express your creativity through thumbnails created for your videos. 

This app offers templates categorized as thumbnails, social media covers, and banners. Simply select the option you want to create and choose a template that inspires you. After choosing the template, you will get multiple editing options to customize the design and showcase your creativity. You will get a vast range of stickers, text presets, and font options to ensure an impressive thumbnail, social media cover, or banner. 

Thumbnail Maker, Banner Editor

This app claims to help you create an eye-catching thumbnail in a few minutes. It is equipped with a convenient interface to ensure optimum user experience for people of various demographics. You can find many options in this app to ensure customizability while designing thumbnails and banners. 

This thumbnail maker and banner editor app is equipped with thousands of HD templates divided into various categories to help users find their desired options quickly. It also offers a rich collection of stickers and typography options to ensure the ultimate customization of thumbnails and banners made through this app. Users who want a quick and easy creation of catchy thumbnails should rely on this app.  

In the End

Compelling thumbnails are necessary if you want the targeted audience to view your videos. Failure to do so means a highly reduced number of views. However, there is no need to get involved in complicated graphic designing tools for this purpose. You can take the help of highly efficient thumbnail maker smartphone apps for this purpose. We have discussed some of the best apps in this article. Hopefully, you will use any of these apps to create catchy thumbnails and channel art. We wish you luck with the process!


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