Bhanupriya Family Pics, Husband, Daughter, Age, Height

This multi talented actress was born as Manga Bhama but came into prominence with her pet name Bhanupriya Family Pics . Her contribution toward south Indian film industry is not negotiable. She stepped into acting industry by playing the lead role in a super hit Tamil film Mella Pesungal in 1983. As she was born with natural talent, so she became popular due to her first film. After this tremendous achievement, she never stopped and worked in more than 150 super hit films in Indian film industry.

This multi talented actress gathered numerous local and international awards due to her note worthy acting in south Indian films. She was last seen in a Telugu film Avathaaram in 2014. Since then, she hasn’t come in front of camera as an actress. In this article you will come to know about the most successful actress in South Indian film industry Bhanupriya, about her family, husband, daughter, age and height, which is listed below.

Bhanupriya Family Pics, Husband, Daughter, Age, Height

Bhanupriya Family:

Bhanupriya Family Pics, Husband, Daughter, Age, Height

Bhanupriya Husband:

This versatile actress was married to Adarsh Kaushal. The couple had tied the knot in 1998 and spent seven years together. With the passage of time they found conflicts and broke apart in 2007. After this incident she is spending her single life with her beloved family.

Bhanupriya Family Pics, Husband, Daughter, Age, Height

Bhanupriya Daughter:

She has a beloved daughter Abhinaya from her former spouse Adarsh Baushal. She is very close to her daughter and always tries to spend her maximum time with her daughter.

Bhanupriya Family Pics, Husband, Daughter, Age, Height

Bhanupriya Age:

She hasn’t talked about her age but according to rumors she was born on 15th January in 1966. She has recently celebrated her 50th birthday in 2016.

Age and Experience: A Journey Through Time

Bhanupriya’s age is a testament to the years of experience and wisdom she brings to her performances. Her journey in the entertainment industry has been marked by numerous milestones, and her age reflects the passage of time that has only enhanced her craft.

Height and Presence: Captivating on and off Screen

While Bhanupriya’s height is not as prominent as her talent, her presence is undeniable. Whether gracing the screen with her performances or off-screen with her poise, she stands tall in the hearts of her fans.

Family Pics: A Glimpse into Personal Moments

While Bhanupriya has mostly kept her personal life away from the media glare, occasional family pictures offer fans a rare glimpse into her cherished moments. These pictures capture the essence of her relationships, showcasing the love and joy that define her family.

Bhanupriya Height:

She has ideal height of 5.4 feet, which is perfect height to rule over south Indian film industry.

Balancing Act: Career and Family

Bhanupriya’s ability to balance her successful career with her family life is a testament to her strength and determination. Despite the demands of her profession, she has managed to maintain a strong foundation of love and support within her family.

Legacy and Inspiration

As an accomplished actress and a dedicated family woman, Bhanupriya’s life story serves as an inspiration to many. Her ability to excel in both her professional and personal roles underscores the importance of pursuing one’s passion while cherishing the bonds of family.


Bhanupriya’s journey is a celebration of talent, love, and commitment. From her on-screen performances to her off-screen roles as a wife and mother, she has touched the hearts of many. While her family remains mostly private, the glimpses we get into her family life only enhance the admiration her fans hold for her. Bhanupriya’s legacy extends beyond her films, encompassing the warmth and unity of her family that stands as a testament to a life well-lived.

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