Delivering Excellence: Best Practices for Shipping and Fulfillment in India

Customer retention is one of the main objectives of every business and that can only be achieved via practicing top-notch customer service. The accomplishment of this objective may be challenging for businesses, particularly courier companies.

In the backdrop of a rising e-commerce industry, logistics companies in India are mostly struggling with fulfilling express deliveries and rising hyperlocal trends. Apart from that, delivering goods in proper condition is also a challenge for courier companies.

Here in this blog, we will briefly discuss how a shipping process works and what practices one can adopt to increase the effectiveness of the entire process.

Steps Involved in the Shipping Process?

The shipping process begins with receiving an order from the customer and all subsequent operations to successfully deliver it to the customer, including confirming the order, finding the relevant products in the warehouse, packaging them, and having them picked up by the shipping company. From there, it will be transported to the same city or town, from where on-ground delivery partners will pick it up and conclude the last-mile delivery.

There are three first steps in the shipping process.

Order Acceptance

An order is placed by the client, and it is then confirmed by the vendor. The items must be located in the warehouse and verified as “in stock” to move ahead.

Ordering Processing

Order processing involves carefully reviewing every aspect of the order, including ensuring that the product is undamaged, verifying the number of items or units ordered, verifying the accuracy of the delivery address, and determining the fastest route and courier provider. This prepares the product for eventual pickup and delivery by the appropriate shipping company.

Order Completion

This involves the chosen shipping business picking up the order after all of the last-minute verifications and inspections to ensure everything is correct. After arriving at its location, the order is unloaded and picked up by the delivery partner, who will then take care of delivering it to the end customer’s doorstep.

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 7 Easy Steps To Streamlining Your Order Fulfilment Process

Order fulfilment may be improved in several ways. The top 7 changes you should make to your order fulfilment procedure to improve client satisfaction are listed below.

Invest in Inventory Management Software

This is a crucial step that will enable you to track stock levels in real time and make sure you are neither understocked nor overstocked. Such software precisely handles the issues of inventory management. An effective software will help you in demand forecasting, order processing optimisation, and inventory loss reduction.

Automate Your Order Fulfilment Process

Automation is the most crucial tactic since it will reduce the likelihood of typical human errors in order processing. Since robotics is employed in warehouse activities to optimize operations, it also results in improved picking and packaging systems.

Implement Quality Auditing

Implementing quality control is a crucial step in enhancing order accuracy. This stage guarantees that shipments reach consumers’ expectations, aids in analysing and fixing flaws, and lowers the likelihood of returns and refunds.

Multiple shipping alternatives are available, which allows customers more transparency and control over the delivery of their products. This is one approach to guarantee customer satisfaction. You will be able to offer same-day, next-day, or expedited delivery choices in addition to normal shipping.

Optimise the Layout of Your Warehouse

Optimising the warehouse layout is a crucial step in enhancing order fulfilment. This will shorten the time needed to pick and pack orders, organise the inventory efficiently, and guarantee that the right orders are being prepared. In turn, this can result in quicker delivery times and better client satisfaction.

Continue to Improve Your Processes

This stage, which will integrate all of your initiatives for enhancing the order fulfilment process, is crucial. To stay competitive, minimise expenses, and maintain long-term consumer engagement, it is crucial that you continually assess, evaluate, and improve your processes.

For customer happiness, having a plan to deal with order fulfilment challenges is essential. These seven techniques can thus assist you in streamlining the present order fulfilment procedure and providing clients with a great shopping experience that encourages them to return for more.

NimbusPost is a leading logistics company in India that helps e-commerce businesses in India and abroad in streamlining shipping and logistics operations via its tech-enabled solutions, ensuring a smooth and efficient order fulfilment process.


Every company needs a seamless and effective order fulfilment process to stay competitive. The secret is to focus on the seven techniques and instruments listed above that have been tried and tested in the business world to enhance operations, raise customer happiness, and save expenses. To discover effective solutions for your company and succeed in the market, partnering with reputable and tested service providers is the most crucial step.

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