Fawad Khan Wife, Son Name, Father And Mother, Family Pics

Fawad Khan wife, son name, father and mother, family pics are all presented here. If you want to know all about Fawad Khan along with his family background and biography before joining the industry and after then keep on reading this page along with watching his photos. Fawad Khan is one of the most popular actors both in the Pakistani and Indian entertainment world. He is the most demanding actor in the Pakistani tv serials and in Lollywood as well. On the other hand, Bollywood has become a fan of it. He is married, he has a son too. Here, check out the family time pictures of Fawad Khan, know more about his family bonding and other details: Have a look down for details…

Fawad Khan Wife, Son Name, Father And Mother, Family Pics

Fawad Khan Wife, Son Name, Father And Mother, Family Pics

Fawad Khan Father and Mother Family

His date of birth is 29th Nov 1981. His age is 34. His birth place is Karachi. His father and mother are basically from the city of Lahore. As he wanted to pursue his career in acting an singing, that was why he made his way to the city of Karachi. Initially, during his childhood times he and his family used to live in Dubai. His father used to work there in Dubai. When he got the age of 15, then he and his family made a return to Pakistan.

Fawad Khan Wife, Father And Mother, Family Pics

Fawad Khan Son

His son name is Ayaan Khan. He is now 5 5 years old. His son is just so cute and perfect looking like wise his father! We can say that Fawad and his wife, his son are just inseparable. Be it any event, be it any concert or charity function, be it the movie premier or launching of something, Fawad, his wife and son are all the time seen together.

Fawad Khan Son Name, Family Pics

Fawad Khan Wife

His wife name is Sadaf. It was on 12th Nov 2005 that both of them got married. Both of them have also a clothing brand, it is named as SILK. It was in the year 2012 when the very first collection of SILK brand was launched in the city of Lahore. They are one of the most adorable couples by far. It was at the age of 17 when both of them met up. They used to study in same schools. There at the age of 17, he proposed to Sadaf and then they got married. It is true that his wife is always with him when he is on the shoots or when he is out of country. He never leave his wife and son alone.

Fawad Khan Wife Name, Family Pics

Fawad Khan is perfect in singing, styling, acting! What more he has to show?

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