Hans Raj Hans Family Photos, Father, Wife, Son, Age, Biography

Hans Raj Hans is a well known Punjabi singer in Indian music industry, who has also earned name and fame as a good politician too. He was born talented and started learning at very early age. At start of his career he used to sing Punjabi folk songs. This versatile singer has sung numerous super hit songs and received forth highest civilian award Padma Shri from Indian government.  He has not only sung songs in Punjabi language but also performed for bollywood film industry too. He has recently sung a blockbuster song Mundeh Punjabi in 2017. Apart from his music career, he has also worked as a politician too. He is going to stand on Vidhan Sabha elections in 2017. In this article you will come to know about the Punjabi singer Hans Raj Hans, about his family, father, wife, son, age and biography.

Hans Raj Hans Family Photos, Father, Wife, Son, Age, Biography

Hans Raj Hans Family Member Name and Relationship:

  • Father: Sardar Arjun Singh
  • Mother: Mata Ajit Kaur
  • Wife: Resham Kaur Hans
  • Kids: Navraj Hans, Yuvraj Hans

Hans Raj Hans Family:

He was born into a Sikh family of Shafipur in Punjab India. He was born to the house of Mata Sirjan Kaur and his husband. In his family, no one was familiar to the music but when he stepped into music industry, his family has helped him to rise his career.

Hans Raj Hans Family Photos, Father, Wife, Son, Biography

Hans Raj Hans Father:

He was born into the house of Sardar Arjun Singh. His father is the best father in the world, who let his son to achieve his dream goal. He loves his father and always considers him as a reason behind his success.

Hans Raj Hans Wife:

He is married and enjoying his married life with his beloved wife Resham Kaur Hans. Resham is not only his wife but also his biggest well wisher, who always stands with him in every thick and thin in his life.

Hans Raj Hans Family Photos, Father, Wife, Age, Biography

Hans Raj Hans Son:

He has two beloved sons, Navraj Hans and Yuvraj Hans from his beloved wife Resham. He loves his born sons a lot and considers them as lucky charm for him. Yuvraj Singh is also a well known singer too.

Hans Raj Hans Family Photos, Father, Wife, Son, Age,

Hans Raj Hans Age:

He is 52 year old and going to celebrate his 53rd birthday on 9th april in 2017.


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