How can School LMS promote Productivity in 2023?

Productivity is something institutions have struggled with since the end of the pandemic. As their reliability on online mediums of teaching reduced and students found themselves getting more comfortable in an offline classroom, trying to manage online portals with offline activities has been a little tricky.

A change in events also calls for an updated learning management system. An LMS portal can have multiple features, customized for students and teachers. Let’s have a look at the top-rated features that can promote any institution’s productivity and not just schools.

Hybrid Classrooms

Classrooms have been evolving since we discovered the concept of education. The present generation loves the idea of hybrid classrooms since attending academic courses online is now time-saving and flexible. A few popular advantages are;

  • Cutting down costs and hours spent to travel
  • Having recorded learning material to avoid extra revision classes
  • Better attendance and productivity since hybrid classes are more inclusive, it considers the availability of a student, especially in higher education

Integrated Exam Portals

A learning management system can support online tests, is reliable, free from students wanting to malpractice to score well, and easy to grade because they can automatically review sheets. 

Often, teachers considered preparing test sheets beforehand. They can either print it out and distribute it in a classroom or simply instruct the students today the test online by logging into a portal. It saves paper and time and streamlines the process allowing the automatic uploading of grades in student data. 

Resource Sharing

Cloud-based resource-sharing platforms are unnecessary today. Students dislike carrying or even purchasing books. We can blame inflation, inconvenience and carrying around books, and the manual labour required to copy notes in a classroom. Teachers can now share learning materials easily by uploading them on classroom portals. Since this is online, it is much better than a library because students can gain access anytime from anywhere, at any point in time. Now, all they need is a will to study – materials are right there to encourage them and be productive at the end of the day.

Attendance, Schedule and Fees management

We usually consider all management features together since they have the same basics, organising, recording and simplifying the work of teachers or students. 

Rather than spending time manually arranging schedules, teachers can rely on an AI-assisted schedule that can make the perfect timetable after considering each teacher’s availability, and assigned classes for the grades.

Similarly, when calling attendance in a classroom, students can apply malicious means to mark themselves present with the help of their friends, taking advantage of their educator’s error. With the help of an online tool that automatically marks a student present when they log in and also tracks their presence in the classroom, students can be expected to be more attentive and productive.

Fees management is another safe and secure portal that is a part of the school LMS frequented by parents and students. An institution can save up a lot of time by allowing its management to use the portal for communication, storing data, and carrying out everyday school activities.

Managing Student Data

Not just student details, but every single detail that has been recorded in pen and paper must be stored somewhere digitally to avoid misplacing and losing data.

A school divides its department for every stakeholder to function in an organised and streamlined manner.  For example, the inventory is taken care of by some staff members, the management section is kept somewhat separate from the Academy department consisting of teachers and professionals involved in active teaching roles,  etc. All of them have their own payrolls, attendance sheets, performance updates, and personal details stored in the institution’s books. A cloud-based data manager facilitates privacy so that this information is available to specific departments only. 

In a way, it drives productivity because every department has an intercommunication established online. 

Besides all the attractive benefits of an LMS portal,  an institution also needs to keep in mind its personal budget for updating the portal and maintaining it regularly. Moreover, how comfortable a teacher is in using it every day should also be considered, to simplify features, user interface, and accessibility. With the right tools, any school can achieve maximum productivity!

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