Hrithik Roshan Family Photos, Father Name, Mother, Age, Biography

Hrithik Roshan’sa  Family Photos Father’s Name, Mother, Age, and Biography is mentioned here. Who is not familiar with dancing freak of India Hrithik Roshan Family Photos ? Hrithik is one of the top stars in India, and is famous for his cool dancing steps. He came into the limelight in his early stages of life as a child actor through his grandfather’s film. It was easy for him to come in Bollywood because acting is in his blood.

He debuted as a leading actor through Kaho Na Pyar HAi in 2000. After this tremendous achievement, he gave a number of hit films, and has received numerous awards for acting. This versatile actor considers as a Greek god due to his muscular body and killer looks. He is one of the most paid actors in bollywood film industry. After reading this article you will learn about his family, father name, mother name and biography.

Hrithik Roshan Family Photos, Father Name, Mother, Age, Biography

Hrithik Roshan Family:

Hrithik Roshan belongs to a well known family in Mumbai. His father Rakesh Roshan is a famous film director who lives with her wife Pinky and children. This family is a complete traditional Hindi family which also has a taste of modernism. Hrithik also has an elder sister named as Sunaina. He loves his family a lot, and spends his spare time with them.

Hrithik Roshan Family Photos, Father Name, Mother, Biography

Hrithik Roshan Father:

Hrithik Roshan was born to a very famous bollywood director Rakesh Roshan, who is one of the top directors in India. He loves his father because he is the only person who took him into film industry. His father is an ideal father who loves and takes care of his children a lot.

Hrithik Roshan Family Photos, Father Name, Age, Biography

Hrithik Roshan Mother:

Hrithik Roshan is one of the talented actors, who was born to Pinky Roshan. Pinky Roshan is the daughter of a famous film director and producer J.Om Prakash. She is a modern mom, who loves her son and daughter. This Talented actor is very close to her mother, she is the first friend of great actor Hrithik.

Hrithik Roshan Family Photos, Mother, Age, Biography

Hrithik Roshan Age:

Hrithik Roshan Family Photos was born on 10th january 1974 in Mumbai. He is going to celebrate his 43rd birthday in January 2023.

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