Karan Deol Family Photos, Father, Mother, Age, Biography

Karan Deol Family Photos, Father, Mother, Age, Biography is mentioned here. Karan Deol is one of the rising stars in India, who is following the footsteps of his family in India. He is the son of all time hit aggressive actor Sunny Deol. There is two types of people present in India, one who born with the silver spoon in their mouth and others who have nothing but they come into lime light due to their work. Karan’s case is different from these both categories as he was born with silver spoon in his mouth but became prominent due to his own efforts. This young talent is ready to make his film debut as a leading actor, but he has already showed his versatile performance as an assistant director and play back singer. He has born talented with acting in his blood. In this article I’m going to introduce you with rising star Karan Deol, about his family, father and mother.

Karan Deol Family Photos, Father, Mother, Age, Biography

Karan Deol Family:

Karan Deol was born to a well known family in India. He is the grandson of all time hit actor and director Dharmendra, and nephew of Bobby Deol and Abhay Deol. Karan has learnt a lot of good things including acting from his beloved family. He loves his family especially his father and considers him as role model for him.

Karan Deol Family Photos, Father, Mother, Biography

Karan Deol Father:

Karan Deol is the eldest child of well known actor Sunny Deol. Sunny Deol is one of the top actors in India, who is famous for his work. Karan is very close to his father and always follows him. He also considers his father as his one of the big competitors and wants to give him a ‘Takkar’ in bollywood film industry.

Karan Deol Family Photos, Father, Age, Biography

Karan Deol Mother:

Karan loves his mother Pooja Deol. She is a house wife, who never faces the media as other wives of actors do and maintained their class. Pooja is one of the best mothers in the world, who understands her children and treats them like a friend. She also never let her children down in any situation.

Karan Deol Age:

Karan Deol also maintains his low profile as his father and never shares his personal things with media. That’s why his birth date is not known yet. But according to rumors we came to know that he has recently celebrated his 24th birthday in 2016.


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