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Preity Zinta most attractive and stylish Indian TV actress, through different movies, modeling, IPL matches her popularity graph still high But this is a reality Preity Zintra Hindi Films career almost end because other new actress replace Preity Zinta roles. In Bollywood Actress professional career ended within 15 year but actor profesioanl career always getting work till death. You can see all 1990s, 2000s years leading famous actress now popular on TV news but all actress acting professional career ended. Well this is very long discussion topic but here we are sharing very interesting information about Preity Zinta biography and family members. Calwald white beauty Preity Zinta was born in 31st of January 1975 in india.  She was working for Telugu, Punjabi movies but her acting career got real time popularity through bollywood film industry.

Preity Zinta Film Debut and Family Background:

Preity Zinta was met with actor, Director, Producer Shekhar on one role audition and Shekhar introduced Preity for one screen audition with Hrithik Roshan movie but that movie plan was chanced due to different reason. Shekhar Kapur again recommenced her name for Dil Se Movie with SRK leading role and that time Zinta success time was started. Preity Zinta father name Durganand Zinta who was the army Officer, her father died in car accident and that time Preity was only 13 years old. During that accident her mother was also injurer and she took 2 years time for recover period. She is sister of two brother Deepankar and Manish. Her Brother Deepankar is army officer and Manish are living in California.

Preity Zinta Family Members Name:

  • Former Patner: Ness Wadia
  • Father” Durganand Zinta
  • Former Partner: Marc Robinson
  • Mother: Nilprabha Zonta
  • Brother: Manish Zinta
  • Brother: Deepanker Zinta

Preity Zinta Personal Dating Life:

Preity Zinta dating with Ness Wadia who is Managing Dirctor of Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation and in indian Wadia family is well known family.

Preity Zinta With Boyfriend Ness Wadia:

Preity Zinta With Boyfriend

Preity Zinta With Brother Manish Zinta, Deepanker Zinta:

Preity Zinta With Brother

Preity Zinta With Mother Nilprabha Zonta: Preity Zinta With Mother

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