Sachin Tendulkar Family Tree Background History Images Photos Mother Father

World best cricketer Sachin Tendulkar Family Tree Background History Images Photos Mother Father details is available here with his achievement and personal life interesting details. He was born in 24th of April 1973 in Mumbai Maharashtra India. Through huge cricketer non-breakable record Sachin Tendulkar won world number one former batsman record.  He is only 42 years old and his success stories available on huge collection of readers. Sachin Tendulkar family belongs to pure Maharashtrian family his mother Rajni was working in insurance industry. Sachin Tendulkar father was the top Marathi novelist Ramesh Tendulkar big inspiration for Sachin. His father choice Sachin name due to favorite muic director Sachin Dev Burman and due to Sachin Tendulkar successful likes all Indian well known with Sachin Dev Burman Music Director Name.

Sachin Tendulkar Family Member:

  • Daughter: Sara Tendulkar
  • Father: Ramesh Tendulkar
  • Brother: Nitin Tendulkar
  • Sister:  Savita Tendulkar
  • Mother: Rajni Tendulkar
  • Brother: Ajit Tendulkar
  • Son: Arjun Tendulkar
  • Wife Name: Anjali Tendulkar

In Sachin Tendulkar successful life his half brother Ajit who is 10 years elder then Sachin , contribution is very helpful for his cricketer. According to different source and Sachin Tendulkar interviews his first cricketer debut for cricketer academy was very interesting incident for his life. During test practice Sachin Tendulkar was failed in front of Academy president Ramakant Achrekar  but his brother Ajit forced to Ramakant and he raided point about suchin bad performance, according to Sachin his brother convinced Ramakant Achrekar for second chance with hidden observation condition because that time Sachin got lot of depression due to Ramakant observation .

Sachin Tendulkar was married with Anjali and he is father of one daughter and son. According to his wife both married result of two sided love after 1990 Sachin Tendulkar tour meeting at airport.

Sachin Tendulkar Daughter Sara Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar Daughter

Sachin Tendulkar father Ramesh Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar father

Sachin Tendulkar mother Rajni Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar mother

Sachin Tendulkar Wife Anjali Tendulkar


Sachin Tendulkar Wife

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