Sushila Charak Khan Biography, Family, Children

Sushila Charak Khan is one of the famous celebrities in India which is prominent as the first wife of well known actor and screen writer Salim Khan and mother of all time hit actor Salman Khan. She belongs to a well reputed family of Rajput in India. She received great public attention due to her former marital life and after that due to her beloved children. Sushila Charak tied the knot to Salim Khan in 1964 and gave birth to four children. Their marital life was not good that is why the couple had divorced after spending a long relation. After this incident her husband tied the knot to other women but she remained single for the sake of her children. She is also prominent as Salma Khan in India. After reading this article you will come to know about the Sushila Charak, about her family, children and biography, which is listed below in this article.

Sushila Charak Khan Biography, Family, Children

Sushila Charak Khan Family:

She was born into a well known Rajput family in Maharashtra India. She described her family as a complete family, in which anyone can find love and attention from each other. Moreover she also received great love and attention from her family. This gorgeous woman married to Salim Khan but their marriage was not last long. She gave birth to four children and spending a very happy married lifewith them.

Sushila Charak Khan, Family, Children

Sushila Charak Khan Children:

 This most beautiful woman has four children including a daughter Alvira Khan and three sons Salman Khan, Arbaz Khan and Sohail Khan. Her all sons are well known actors in bollywood film industry and earned significant name due to their acting style. Arbaz Khan has also earned a notable name in direction of the film and production of the film. Sushila Charak loves all of her children and spends most of her time with them.

Sushila Charak Khan Biography,  Children

Sushila Charak Khan is currently in her 70 year of age. she is very loving and caring mother towards her children. She always celebrates her happy moments with her beloved children in India.

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