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Books Market Value

4 Reasons Why Buy Books Online?

  • Cheaper Online
  • Avoid Crowds
  • Free Delivery
  • Easier to search online

10 Best Tips To Buy Books Online

  • Shortlist Websites That Sell Books
  • Apply Filters To Find Books Online
  • Online Books Price Comparison
  • Choose Verified Book Vendors
  • Check Ratings & Reviews (Book Vendors & Books)
  • Add Books To Wishlist
  • Opt for Buying Secondhand Books Online
  • Examine the Online Book’s Condition
  • Look into the Publication Year/ Edition
  • Join Online Book Clubs/ Communities

Bookchor: Best Place to Buy Second-Hand Books Online

For centuries people have been inculcating the habit of reading, and some have also gone on to

become renowned authors. The earliest books were handwritten and manually copied as is

during the Medieval Era (5th-15th century A.D). Then came the Gutenberg Printing Press in

1440, and with that started the market of Printed Books. The book industry has been booming

ever since.

Books Market Value Stats

According to the stats published by Statista, the Indian books market will witness a significant

rise in readers to 434.90 million by 2027. The researchers further reported that the revenue will

be growing at a CAGR of 4.41% and will be worth USD 5.72 billion by 2027.

Further to the stats, the global book sales statistics published by wordsrated.com reported that:

  • The global trade book sales revenue is estimated at $78.07 billion in 2023, which will be

a 2.53% increase over 2022.The Sudha murthy books are highest selling books in india.


  • Print books are generating over $64.35 billion in revenue as of 2023. This will be a

2.24% increase over 2022.

  • Local bookshops account for just over half of all global book sales, contributing 50.3% of

total sales revenue.

  • Online sales are rising, especially since the breakout of Covid-19, and today over

25% of all book sales worldwide are done through online channels.

People have been shopping for books online since 1995 (amazon.com), but online sales have

increased globally thanks to the Pandemic. Today almost every other reader prefers to order

books online. Let’s understand why people prefer online book shopping.

4 Reasons Why Buy Books Online

Cheaper Online

Gone are the days when you waited for the paperback version of your favorite book because

hardcovers were expensive. Thanks to websites like BookChor.com, you can now purchase

hardcovers and non-pirated version books online by comparing discounts and prices!

Avoid Crowds

We all know about the queues at the counters, stuck between people and their piles of books in

baskets. Imagine just one counter open with all that crowd; dreadful. Online shopping saves

your time and energy from the hassle.

Free Delivery

Relax & worry not, Because online bookstores have your back! Buy just a book or plenty; almost

all online bookstores provide free shipping! Just worry about the extra shelf space 🙂

Easier to search online –

Hunting for your books couldn’t get any easier than this! Find the books you want, check

availability, and compare prices online, all by switching between tabs on your browser! Lit!

10 Best Tips To Buy Books Online

Shortlist Websites That Sell Books –

It’s always best to have website shortlists before you make any purchase. That will help you

compare the prices, check their availability, and other factors before buying books online.

Shortlisting also helps in differentiating authentic websites from fraudulent ones and comparing

the customer service provided.

Apply Filters To Find Books Online –

Filters are like that friend that you don’t talk much to but are saviors when you need immediate

help. They can help you narrow down your search and find books precisely. They are one of the

most underrated tools one can use. A plethora of sorting options, such as genres, authors,

paperback/hardcover, publishers, editions, prices, and book conditions, are available for your


Online Books Price Comparison –

Online bookstores with multiple vendors tend to have different pricing for their books. You can

always check the pricing for hardcovers and paperbacks, as well as keep an eye out for special

discounts on those books.

Choose Verified Book Vendors –

While shopping for books online, A book is usually available for multiple prices from multiple

vendors. The cheapest sale might end up being a duplicate. Choosing specific vendors will keep

you aware of whether the information and product being provided are authentic and help you

get the best deal for your buck!

Always check for a verified badge by the vendor’s name on each site you buy from to know if

they’re trustworthy. It is your right to have adequate information about what is being sold.

Check Ratings & Reviews (Book Vendors & Books)-

Most of us are guilty of just skimming through ratings and reviews briefly while ordering books

online. Rushing a purchase by overlooking these is a gateway to guilt-tripping over and ending

up with a bad copy. Your hard-earned money doesn’t deserve that, and neither do you. Reading

Ratings and Reviews help you verify the quality, condition, and service a vendor promises and

make the right choice. Thank you later!

Add Books To Wishlist-

This will save you from the regret of forgetting a book and missing out on a sale on your go-to

websites. You can benefit from adding the books of your choice to the wishlist, especially if they

are new releases. This feature would notify you every time there is a drop in the price or there is

a limited-period offer, even if there is just one copy of the book left in the inventory.

Opt for Buying Secondhand Books Online-

If you check your family’s bookshelf, There is always that amazing book that was owned by an

early relative or a friend who passed it on to your parents/ sibling. These books hold an undying

essence between their pages that is effervescent. These were original editions from its time that

were either given or auctioned for a person to own proudly. But a time comes when these books

I have to find a new reader.

Some centuries ago, books were so expensive that only the nobles and libraries could afford

them. Otherwise, people would buy them as second hand copies and treat them as gold. Buying

pre-owned books are a blessing in disguise. The scent, the bent page ends, and the ripples in the binding take you on a nostalgic trip you’ve reminisced about.

Early editions by writers such as R.L Stine’s Fear Street and Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley

series are now rare, cost a fortune, and are hard to get. But fret not, Early editions of Harry

Potter is available on Bookchor.com but only for a limited period! The best website to buy

Preloved books. Grab your copy Now!

Examine Online Book’s Condition-

Examining a book’s condition before buying can only be done in person, that’s what you might

think. Here’s again how you can do it online! Precariously checking Ratings and Reviews eases

your worry about quality, as they have pictures of books and their condition. Information from

these pictures allows you to assess precisely and make your experience of shopping

worthwhile. Bookchor.com offers books in great condition ranging from Good, Almost New, and


Look into the Publication Year/ Edition-

Looking into the year of publication and edition of books helps you identify the authenticity of the

book you buy online. Whether it’s a rare edition, autographed copy of an author, or a particular

collectable, checking the year as an additional filter grant you more information and awareness

regarding the claim while buying from an online vendor.

Join Online Book Clubs/ Communities –

There are several Bibliophile communities and clubs online which are currently thriving and

resourceful. These insightful virtual clubs are available on all social media platforms where you

can become a member and get exclusive updates on discussions about authors and their work,

original books, authentic book vendors, and resellers online & offline and make book buddies!

There are infinite, beautiful stories out there waiting to be rediscovered and read by you! What

Are you waiting for  ?

Bookchor: Best Place to Buy Secondhand Books Online

Bookchor.com is your Robinhood of ABCs, committed to giving the best reading experience a

bibliophile can ever have—the best place to buy pre-owned books and the longest-running

resellers in the online market.

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