Useful Guide to Dab Pens

As cannabis becomes more popular, new items will likely appear regularly in a dispensary near you. If you’ve been keeping up with the hottest gadgets on the market, you’ve probably heard about dab pens.

What is a dab pen? To begin, it’s worth noting that dab pens go by various names. They may also be referred to or sold at cannabis dispensaries as wax pens or wax vaporizers. With very minor changes, these words all essentially relate to the same thing.

Dab pens are a relatively new addition to the cannabis business, and while the details of each model differ, they all essentially work the same way. They are typically pen-shaped and small, allowing them to be readily carried around and utilized subtly.

Why Dab Pens?

Dab pens are for persons who desire the flavor and intensity of a concentrate but don’t want to deal with the procedure of dabbing or who want to dab in a more portable and concealed manner.

Dab pens are self-contained, with an oven or bowl that warms concentrates, eliminating the need for a flame, nail, or water for a dab rig. Simply insert some concentrate and screw on the mouthpiece. Depending on the brand of dab pen and the concentrate used, a dab tool may still be required to get the concentrate into the oven.

Dab pens also allow you to select your concentrate, and the type, texture, and quality. You can also specify the temperature.

Types of Dab Pens

Dab pens come in various sizes, but most resemble thick vape pen. They have a mouthpiece similar to a vape pen but no oil cartridge — concentrate is poured directly within the pen.

The mouthpiece normally unscrews to reveal the oven or bowl, and there is a button to turn it on and control the temperature.

Conduction heating is commonly used in dab pens — a small oven inside the dab pen heats up, and the concentrate is applied directly to its surface.

The Difference Between Vape Pens and Dab Pens

From the Outside, vape pens and dab pens look very similar. It can be difficult to identify the difference when comparing a dab pen to a vape pen. They’re both often made in tiny designs for mobility and convenience, but there are some significant distinctions on the inside.

Vape pens are made to use cartridges or pods that contain oils and other additives. The oils are heated after being drawn into an atomizer.

Dab pens do not use cartridges; instead, the user inserts ‘dabs’ or concentrates such as oils and wax directly into a heating coil, which heats the dabs. This is what distinguishes dab pens: they may be used with a wide variety of concentrates and extracts. You have less control and are confined to cartridges or pods with vape pens.

Dab pens are an excellent option for people who want to be exact and have complete control. They provide a lot of chances for you to experiment with various cannabis concentrates.

Troubleshooting Dab Pens

Always keep your dab pen completely charged. A dead battery is the most typical reason for a non-working dab pen.

Because each dab pen model is unique, consult the instruction manual to see if the firm has more troubleshooting tips or tricks. You may check vape shop Amsterdam for quality products.


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