Warning Signs To Know It’s Time To Replace Your Vape Pods/Coils

If you have a vape pod system that you’ve been using for a while now, you need to keep in mind that sooner or later, you’ll have to consider going for replacement pods or coils, such as this Novo 4 Coil. In case you don’t know, replacement pods are tanks specially designed to hold your pod kits (coil and vape juice). These devices are either pre-filled or refillable, making it easier to use the e-juice of your choice over and over again.

Since pod systems need to be replaced from time to time, here’s a burning question; how to know the right time to go for a replacement pod system, such as these Caliburn Pods and Smok Nord products? You’ll get answers that matter to this vape pod-related question as you read further.

1.   Burnt or stale taste

Is your vape pod currently giving you a stale or burnt taste? If yes, you need to understand that you’re not alone when it comes to experiencing this pod issue. You’re most certainly experiencing a burnt taste with your pod system because its vape tank lacks enough e-liquid.

Normally, having a tank with enough e-liquid will allow you to vape easily and enjoy the flavor that comes with the e-juice. However, in a situation where the e-juice is not enough, the coil will only get to burn the available wicking material, which brings out the burning taste you’re currently experiencing.

Furthermore, your pod system can give you a stale taste if it’s way past its lifespan. So, if you’re currently experiencing this issue, the first troubleshooting step to take is by checking to know if the vaping device is way past its lifespan.

The bottom line is that having a burnt or stale taste when using your pod system could be a warning sign it’s time to consider going for replacement pods, such as this GeekVape product.

2.   Darker vape juice

Did you recently notice that your vape juice is a lot darker than usual? One factor that causes this change of color is oxidation – this reaction occurs when your e-juice comes in contact with air. A little darkening of the liquid is normal. However, once you start noticing that the liquid is beginning to look more like a slimy sludge, just know it’s time to consider choosing a replacement pod system, such as this Novo Vape product.

3.   Leakage

It’s normal for your vape pod system to leak if you fill its tank above the maximum level with e-juice. Yes, a small leak from the system is very much okay and you certainly don’t need to get worried about it. However, once the leak starts becoming more significant, you need to know this is certainly a problem to be worried about.

A significant leak that continuously surfaces is a warning sign that your vape coils are already failing due to cracks and need to be replaced. A good product to consider when replacing your device is this Novo 4 Coil.

4.   Weird noise

Agreed, your vape pod system is most likely going to give weird noises any time you vape too hard. However, when these noises become continuous, this could be a warning sign that your pod system has issues. Yeah, it could be that your coils have burnt out. Burnt-out coils will most certainly result in loud, continuous buzzing sounds and a few other random noises. Once you start experiencing these noises continuously, just know it’s time to go for suitable Smok Nord replacement pods.

5.   Little or no flavor

As you already know, your vape pods or coils are made of different components. Once one or more of these components become faulty, you’re most likely to experience a situation where the e-juice will continuously get burnt. Unfortunately, burnt coils will never give you the desired flavor even if you just refilled the e-liquid. Consider replacing the vape pod or coils if you’re currently experiencing this annoying issue.

Where to find the best replacement pods?

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