What To Do If You Are Hit By A Motorbike?

When you are using a public road and a fast-moving motorbike hits you, then your injury might change your life forever. Accident injuries can be very serious and with personal injury consultation, you can figure out what lies ahead of you.

When a pedestrian is hit by a high-speed vehicle, the injuries can be very serious. The accident can be fatal to both parties and if the motorbike rider has been found guilty and not severely injured, then you as a pedestrian can make them pay compensation for your loss. Here is what you should do after getting hit by a motorcyclist.

1.      Seek Medical Care

First of all, you should immediately call 911 and seek medical attention. When the emergency response unit arrives with the ambulance, make sure that you get yourself completely checked. Make sure that your injuries are dressed well and that you are not feeling anything unbearable.

Make sure to keep a copy of your initial medical reports. These reports are quite important if you want to sue the rider to pay for your loss.

2.      Gather All The Evidence

You should not leave the site of the accident. Make sure that you talk to the eyewitnesses to gather all the information about the accident. You should know what circumstances lead to the accident, and whether the rider was paying attention to the surroundings or not.

You should also gather important information like the name of the rider who caused the accident, the motorbike number plate, and the contact information of all the eyewitnesses. All this information is very important if you want to continue with a legal case.

3.      Talk To The Rider

You should talk to the rider in a calm tone. You should avoid getting into physical confrontation or verbal abuse with the rider who caused the accident because elevating the scene can make things uglier and you might lose your case.

Just talk to the rider calmly and find out their name, home address, contact information, and motorbike information. You should know their insurance company as well so that you can send them a letter for compensation. Make sure that you see the rider by face clearly so that you can identify them later on.

4.    Call Your Attorney

Lastly, you should not go any further without having a reliable car accident attorney by your side. A personal injury lawyer who understands the personal injury law in-depth can help you win the case. Many people think that a lawyer is not necessary and that they can simply talk to the insurance company and get their claim. However, it is not as easy as it seems.

It might be possible that the rider is not insured or his insurance does not cover such scenarios. It may also happen that their insurance company is finding ways to reject your claim. Having a reliable attorney by your side can help you win the case. They will guide you in legal matters.


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