23 March Shaheed Bhagat Singh Quotes, Poems In Punjabi

Here in this page we are presenting you 23 March Shaheed Bhagat Singh quotes, Poems in Punjabi and his pictures. He was born on 28th September, 1907 at Banga, Jaranwala Tehsil, Lyallpur District, Punjab, British India to Kishan Singh and Vidyavati (her parents). He belongs to a Sikh family who were involved into ‘India Independence Movements’ from British Raj. During his studies at ‘Dayanand Anglo-Vedic High School he find his interest to become in depended from British raj and influenced in the Indian independence movement. He did good job in this way and become one of the most revolutionary socialist to get people and authorities admitted to make India autonomous from in its rules, religions, and of course in the map of world with name of a country “Independent India”. He was a member of HSRA and became vowed to avenge Rai’s death and involved in the case of ‘Lahore conspiracy case’ he was caught by the police and ordered to be hanged till death in Lahore on 23rd March, 1931. He was a 23 years young socialist who done a great job to get India independent from Brithsh Raj. Inspired nation considered his death as a martyr and titled him as Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh.

23 March Shaheed Bhagat Singh Quotes, Poems In Punjabi

23 March Shaheed Bhagat Singh Quotes, Poems In Punjabi

23 March Shaheed Bhagat Singh Quotes

  • “Hind Vasio Rakhna Yaad Sanu

Kite Dila Cho Na Bhula Jana

Khatar Vatan D Lagge Han Charran Fansi

Sanu Dekh ke Na Ghabra Jana”

23 March Shaheed Bhagat Singh Origenal Photo

  • “Amar Kar Lai Apni Jan Bhagat Singh Ne

23 Salaan Da Rehna Javaan Bhagat Singh Ne”

23 March Shaheed Bhagat Singh Hanged-Up Photo

  • “Sher Kadi Nahi Dardy

Gidran Diyan Dharan To”

  • “Zindge te apny e dum ty G jandi ay

Doojya de modhya ty janazy e chuky jandy ny”

23 March Shaheed Bhagat Singh Quote In Hindi

  • “Edda shera varga haunsla,

Haathiyan vargi chaal,

Maut vi dardi milaun nu,

Nazara Edde naal,

PREET avin taan ni aakhde loki saare aanu,

Bhagat Singh varga shurma nahi zamana kise ma ne hor laal..”

23 March Shaheed Bhagat Singh Childhood Photo

23 March Shaheed Bhagat Singh Poems

Mass De Bhott Nagihe Vikde

Hun “Bhagat Singh” Vich Bazara De

Ithe Sikea Vale Kadar Na  Jannan

Ki Mull Hunde Dildaran De

Parde to Parda Laah Ditta

Naam Chamke Besharme Fankara De

Tere Mukakh chu Nagnpune d Had Na Reh Gi

Hun Panne Ronde ne Akhbara de

Pichokarr nu Piche Chad Gye

Geet Navjamea Geetkara de

Hun Pardesi Jaan D Soch Ne Nikhamme Kr Ditte

Putt Sardar De

Bhagat Singha Tere Punjab Dia Talwara Suttia

Hun Ser Vadd Gye Gaddara de

Desh Tere de Loki Bhuke marde

Bas Dhid Barde ajkl Sarkara De

Really; Bhagat Singh was a very devotional young man who makes youngsters motivated toward a unique plate form with a single voice “Independent India”. We should follow him to get ourselves devotional and motivated to make India on progressive ways. Share your reviews about 23 March Shaheed Bhagat Singh quotes, poems in Punjabi via comment line down of this page.

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