Aamir Khan Workout Plan Exercise Routine Diet Schedule

Mohammad Aamir Hussain Khan known as Aamir Khan is one of the best actor, director and producer of Indian film industry. This 51 year old super star was born in Mumbai on 14 March,1965. He started his career through his uncle’s film Yadoon ki Baaraat as a child actor in 1973. He loves his job so he makes efforts to give his best. He is one of those film stars who achieved the fitness goal in their short period. He is very hard working, this is the reason behind his success. He has transformed himself in 9 months. He believes that there is three things which keep him fit, Healthy Balanced diet, exercise and rest. Aamir Khan performs a cycle of exercises on daily basis.

Aamir Khan Workout Plan Diet Schedule

Aami Khan Workout Plan:

Aamir khan starts his day with a morning walk on every morning at 6 am. He also goes for swimming,cycling and tennis. For his latest movie he gained 22kgs for his role as a wrestler. Now he has lost 13kgs and coming in shape again. He goes to gym on regular basis. On every Monday he focuses on his chest and triceps by doing cable press down, triceps clips, dumbbell bench press and dumbbell pull over. Next day he targets his shoulders by performing dumbbell shrugs, dumbbell raise, front shoulder press and military barbell. On Wednesday he focuses on back and biceps by doing sets of cable seated, lateral pull down, t-bar row and lateral concentration curls. Every Thursday he works for his abs to get in shape. On Friday he does barbell lunges, leg press, seated toe raise and standing calf raises for his legs. He enjoys two days rest on every Saturday and Sunday.

Aamir Khan Workout Plan Exercise Routine Diet Schedule


Aamir Khan Diet Plan:

Aamir Khan never takes too much oily food in the meal. He believes that either for gain weight or loss weight diet plays an essential role. He takes fresh fruits as well as vegetables along with rotis made with three grain wheat. He never eats too much after 8 pm. In his pre-workout meal he eats bananas, apple and sweet potatoes which helps him to build energy. He also drinks 4 litter water everyday.

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