John Abraham Exercise Workout Schedule Diet Plan

John Abraham Exercise Workout Schedule Diet Plan are written here. John Abraham is a Famous actor, Model and film producer of bollywood film industry. He was born in Kochi, Kerala, India on 17th December 1972. He was named as Farhan Abraham by his mother and John by his father. He debuted in bollywood with his 1st film jism in 2003. He led many super hit movies as a main hero of the film. He has a perfect body, and everyone wish to have same body. He is the sexiest man of bollywood industry. He faced many hurdles to get this shape. 1st of all he analyzed his body structure. he comes to know that his body type can be easily fluctuate between lean and Muscular. John raised his weight from 85kgs to 96kgs under his personal trainer Vinod Channa. He increased Carbohydrate and protein intake with perfect technique which helped him to gain weight.

John Abraham Exercise Workout Schedule Diet Plan

John Abraham Workout Plan:

John Abraham use to workout twice a day to keep his body in shape. On Monday, He focuses on Chest and Triceps buy doing Bench press, Cable Flies, triceps push downs and Dumbbell Fly. On Tuesday he targets back and abs and do Bend over Barbell row, pull up, shrugs and Leg raises and crunches. Every Wednesday he burns his calories by doing tread mill sprint running, bicycling, workout for abdominal and lunges and crunches. Every Thursday he works on his legs which he loves the most. On Friday he targets his shoulders and Biceps, and performs over head press, Dumbbells, Hammers and seated military presses. On every Saturday he repeats Cardio to burn his calories. Every Sunday he gives rest to his body.

John Abraham Workout Schedule Diet Plan

John Abraham Diet Plan:

John Abraham has a perfect diet plan. He has divided his meal in 6 portions. He takes heavy breakfast in every morning, his breakfast contains 6 eggs, slice of toast with butter, ten almonds and a glass full of fruits juice. He also takes 2 cup of tea in morning. John Abraham loves to eat so he eats snakes in small meals. On his lunch he loves to eat chapatti with vegetables and yellow pulses. He eats very light meal in his dinner like soups etc. He believes that breakfast should be heavy, and dinner should be very light to keep his body fit.

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