Ab De Villiers Family Pics Wife, Kids, Brother Name

AB De Villiers is the most professional one South African cricketer. He is the captain of his team during the One day interantional matches and test matches. Let us all read in detail his biography. His date of birth is 17th Feb 1984. He is termed as the best batsman in this cricket history. When it comes to the ICC ODI ranking then he is at the first spot. When we talk about the test batting ranking then he comes at the 7th spot. He is a right handed batsman. During his test matches, he made 21 centuries and also successfully made 36 50s. This player has this record of holding the test innings. He is also a part time bowler. It was in the 2015 World cup that AB De Villiers came out as a part time bowler in order to fill up the quota of that fifth bowler. Now you can have a look at the family background and wife children details of this player:

Ab De Villiers Family Pics Wife, Kids, Brother Name

Ab De Villiers Family Pics Wife, Kids, Brother Name

full name: Abraham Benjamin de Villiers

date of birth: 17 February 1984

Birth place: Pretoria, Transvaal Province, South Africa

Short Family Background

His father name is Abraham B de Villiers. His mother name is Millie De Villiers. His other siblings are Wessels de Villiers and Jan de Villiers. They are three brothers together and AB De Villiers is the youngest of them all. His eldest brother is 9 years older than him. His second brother is 6 years older than him. Moving on with the profession of his parents, his mother used to work in a property. His father is a doctor by profession. His birth place is Pretoria, Transvaal Province, South Africa.

Ab De Villiers Parents

Ab De Villiers Parents

Ab De Villiers Mother and Siblings

Ab De Villiers Family Pics Wife, Kids, Brother

Ab De Villiers Parents Wife, Kids

Ab De Villiers Family Pics Wife, Kids

He got married in 2013 with Danielle. Both of them have also become proud parents. They have a son. He was born in the month of July 2015. The name of their son Abraham. AB De Villiers tweeted the name of his son the minute he was born! As Abraham is the first name of this player, that is why AB chose this name of his son.

AB De Villiers is having a perfect time with his family, with his son and parents and also with his wife! What more he can expect of! Success is in his hands right now and lot more is still to come.

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