Akansha Sharma Biography, Ex Husband, Age, In Bigg Boss 10

Akansha Sharma is the one of the strongest common contestant in Bigg Boss 10, who has stepped into the show unexpectedly on 16th October 2016. She is prominent as the ex-wife of well known cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s younger brother. Akansha tied the knot to his husband on 1st March 2014 but after few month of their relationship, Akansha Sharma left the house and ran away. According to the interview to Salman Khan, she said that she was very happy with her husband as well as she also haven’t any problem from Yuvraj Singh. But she left the house due to the mother of Yuvraj Singh. She said that her mother in law didn’t treat her in a good manner, so that is why she left the house and ran away. After a bad experience of marital life, she has decided to join Bigg Boss 10, so she can take a break from her unexpected life. After reading this article, you will come to know about the Akansha Sharma, about her ex-husband and age, which is listed below in this article.

Akansha Sharma Biography, Ex Husband, Age, In Bigg Boss 10

Akansha Sharma Ex Husband:

She was married to Zoravar Singh, who is the younger brother of Yuvraj Singh.  The couple got married on 1st March 2014 but they broke apart after few months of their wedding. Zoravar Singh is very keen of acting and he is going to step into bollywood film industry soon. Akansha has filed divorced and now she is enjoying her single life. Moreover she is looking for the right soul mate, with whom she can spend rest of her life happily.

Akansha Sharma Biography, Ex Husband, In Bigg Boss 10

Akansha Sharma Age:

She is one of the youngest contestants in Bigg Boss 10. This stunning girl is in her 25th year of age. She has not announced her birthday.  As she will announce her birth date, we will also update it here as early as possible.

Akansha Sharma in Bigg Boss 10:

This stunning actress stepped into reality show Bigg Boss 10 as a common contestant on very 1st day 16th October 2016. She joined the house of Bigg Boss, so she can forget her previous incident.  As well as it will also totally change her career. She will gain significant fame from Bigg Boss 10, which results in to the successful career in future.

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